How To Monetize Instagram Page: Ultimate Guide.

how to monetize instagram

How To Monetize Instagram Page – I recently created the official Instagram page of this website and I was thinking of how to monetize Instagram page. since an entrepreneur always thinks about how to make money from things, I started studying about monetizing social media skills.

how to monetize instagram?
How to monetize Instagram page?

How much can you earn from monetizing Instagram page?

It is proven that successful marketing on social media is almost directly proportional to having a long list of followers. It is said that one Instagram page with 10,000 (10 K) followers get paid 100-150 $ and when they reach 1 million (1M) followers, they get paid 10,000-15,000 dollars per one advertising post! I know, Wow !!!

This is what we expect from monetizing Instagram page! If you have an Instagram account with 1 million followers and you advertise only twice a week you will earn almost 120,000 $ a month and 1,440,000 $ in a year!!! Again Wow!

In June 2018, Instagram had reached one billion monthly active users. The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. No one ever would guess that a social media platform named Instagram will one day have such a monetizing potential which all of us wish to have a page with 1 million followers.

Best 10 ways to Monetize Instagram Page

Ok, enough with wishes and let’s get into some actions and see how to monetize Instagram page.

  1. Start your passion :
    • As I wrote in many articles especially in how to make money ULTIMATE GUIDE article, when you do something that you are truly passionate about, it seems to you as a hobby! And I don’t think you get tired when you are doing your hobby! So choose your page topic about what you really love. For example, if you like cars then start a page about #FancyCars. So I assure you the most important tip in this How To Monetize Instagram Page article is PASSION.
  2. Get followers as much as possible:
    • The most important thing about an Instagram page is its followers. The more followers you have, the more money you get paid. It is all about popularity. If your content attracts the audiences the number of followers will grow day by day. Read this for more information. After passion, the number of followers, makes you grow and make money by monetizing Instagram page so I bring this section in second place of the How To Monetize Instagram Page list.
  3. Quality (Images) vs quantity:
    • Remember this important rule: whatever you post or re-post always do it in high resolution.
  4. Videos get more likes than Images:
    • Why do people come to Instagram? Some for finding friends or their news and some (actually the most of them) want to entertain themselves by watching funny or catchy content. So you tell me which one is more interesting? Images or Videos?
  5. Learn from Instagram influencers:
    • After you started your Instagram account, begin to observe what and how the influencers post. How they talk to audiences. How they use tags, comments and #Hashtags. Always learn from Pros.
  6. Use apps to make money on Instagram:
    • When your account grows big and especially when you have more than one Instagram page, It is important to use some apps to get repetitive tasks done automatically. If done properly, it can boost the number of your followers. See this page for more helpful information.
  7. Collaborate with other accounts:
    • In unity there is strength. Try to collaborate with other accounts to refer followers to each other.
  8. Always choose a Pro/Bussines account type:
    • Instagram offers you 3 types of accounts. The first is a normal account for ordinary usage. For more advanced users Instagram offers Pro and Bussiness accounts which have better tools for analyzing and promoting posts.
  9. Find when is the best time to post contents
    • When you reach 100 followers AND use a pro or business account, Instagram lets you see some statistics including the average times your followers are online (and will see your posts)
  10. Find out how Instagram works (Instagram algorithm!)
    • Instagram
      Recently, Instagram revealed to a few journalists at
      It’s San Francisco office that there are three main factors that determine what you see in your Instagram feed:
      And also three extra criteria that play a smaller part:
      I highly recommend you to read this article to learn the most important key to grow your Instagram page.
Best 10 ways to Monetize Instagram Page
Instagram had reached one billion monthly active users


How to monetize Instagram page summary– We talked about the fantastic potentials of Instagram and how much money you can make from monetizing Instagram page. I researched days and gathered the best 10 ways to monetize Instagram page. But surely pros and influencers reveal new ways every day. So tell me about them, write and discuss in the comment box.

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